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The Homeric Hymns

Homer - Author
Jules Cashford - Translator
Nicholas Richardson - Introduction by
Nicholas Richardson - Notes by
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Book: Paperback | 129 x 198mm | 224 pages | ISBN 9780140437829 | 24 Apr 2003 | Penguin Classics
The Homeric Hymns

A new translation by Jules Cashford with an introduction by Nicholas Richardson.

‘It is of you the poet sings …
at the beginning and at the end
it is always of you’

Written by unknown poets in the sixth and seventh centuries BC, the thirty-three Homeric Hymns were recited at festivals to honour the Olympian goddesses and gods, and to pray for divine favour or for victory in singing contests. They stand now as works of great poetic force, full of grace and lyricism, and ranging in tone from irony to solemnity, ebullience to grandeur. Recounting significant episodes from mythology, such as the abduction of Persephone by Hades and Hermes’ theft of Apollo’s cattle, the Hymns also provide fascinating insights into cults, rituals and holy sanctuaries, giving us an intriguing view of the ancient Greek relationship between humans and the divine.

This translation of the Homeric Hymns is new to Penguin Classics, providing a key text for understanding ancient Greek mythology and religion. The introduction explores their authorship, performance, literary qualities and influence on later writers.

The Homeric Hymns Introduction
Further Reading
Translator's Note

The Homeric Hymns

I. Hymn To Dionysos

II. Hymn To Demeter

III. Hymn To Apollo
Delian Apollo
Pythian Apollo

IV. Hymn To Hermes

V. Hymn To Aphrodite

VI. Hymn To Aphrodite

VII. Hymn To Dionysos

VIII. Hymn To Ares

IX. Hymn To Artemis

X. Hymn To Aphrodite

XI. Hymn To Athena

XII. Hymn To Hera

XIII. Hymn To Demeter

XIV. Hymn To The Mother Of The Gods

XV. Hymn To Herakles, The Lion-Hearted

XVI. Hymn To Asklepios

XVII. Hymn To Dioskouroi

XVIII. Hymn To Hermes

XIX. Hymn To Pan

XX. Hymn To Hephaistos

XXI. Hymn To Apollo

XXII. Hymn To Poseidon

XXIII. Hymn To The Son Of Kronos, Most High

XXIV. Hymn To Hestia

XXV. Hymn To The Muses And Apollo

XXVI. Hymn To Dionysos

XXVII. Hymn To Artemis

XXVIII. Hymn To Athena

XXIX. Hymn To Hestia

XXX. Hymn To Gaia, Mother Of All

XXXI. Hymn To Helios

XXXII. Hymn To Selene

XXXIII. Hymn To The Dioskouroi


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