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My Happy Days In Hell

Gyorgy Faludy - Author
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Book: Paperback | 129 x 198mm | 528 pages | ISBN 9780141193205 | 06 May 2010 | Penguin Classics
My Happy Days In Hell

My Happy Days in Hell (1962) is Gyorgy Faludy's grimly beautiful autobiography of his battle to survive tyranny and oppression. Fleeing Hungary in 1938 as the German army approaches, acclaimed poet Faludy journeys to Paris, where he finds a lover but merely a cursory asylum. When the French capitulate to the Nazis, Faludy travels to North Africa, then on to America, where he volunteers for military service. Missing his homeland and determined to do the right thing, he returns - only to be imprisoned, tortured, and slowly starved, eventually becoming one of only twenty-one survivors of his camp.

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